Myers Deflects, Avoids Taking Responsibility, Blames Survivor Advocates and Former Priests

MyersArchbishop Myers doused himself in proverbial gasoline over the weekend, when his letter to his “brother priests” in the archdiocese of Newark was released.

He performed a series of poorly concealed deflections to avoid taking any responsibility for his negligence in Peoria, IL. He blames the media, secular culture, and survivor advocates. He blames vindictive, disgruntled former priests. Uh, who are they? The priest-advocates and former priests Ive met actually practice the Gospel, unlike Myers, whose inaction has made him the subject of local media attention. Blame everyone except himself!

This is probably a safe strategy for Myers, whose homosexuality is widely known. If he takes responsibility, he is inviting the public disclosure of his past. His own illicit sexual activity requires that he make certain public statements, ostensibly in strict conformity with church dogma. However, in private, Myers is known to have had at least one relationship with a sculptor from Peoria. His sexual history is preventing him from effectively policing the clerics under his control. He accuses advocates of self aggrandizement, when the letter he wrote does that very thing for his own self interested purposes. It is out of his self interest that he hides his sexual history and the abuses committed by his “brother priests.”

By not stepping down, Myers is inviting an escalation of protest. He is a plague on the archdiocese of Newark. Like Cardinal Bernard Law he will probably receive a Vatican job, so that he’ll be removed from public and judicial scrutiny.



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