I love you, miserable heteros

I love you even though you miss the former tiers of citizenship based on sexuality. But really, dear and miserable heteros, you ought to ask yourselves, what does it give you? Subordinating others and sending them to hell? Is your privilege so important to you that you need to extend it into the afterlife?

Are the “laws” of a genocidal, warmongering, and misogynist deity really that moral or trustworthy (I know you’re going to bring up Gen 19)? I don’t need to remind you, pious and miserable heteros, that Lot almost prostituted his daughters. Then they date-raped him because apparently his semen was that important.

You’ll see. You’ll see that by investing so much in the myth of your privileged unions and identity that you were actually compromising your humanity. There’s no love, no humanity, in keeping others subordinate and sending them to hell.

Welcome to the twenty first century, where, in the U.S., we are that much closer to equality. We still have so much work to do.


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