Angelo John Gage Lies to Hide Past Violent Fantasies

This past Sunday on Kyle Hunt’s weekly podcast, Angelo John Gage, chairman of the National Youth Front, admitted to calling for the execution of race traitors. By making this admission, Angelo publicly claimed ownership of his NaturalSocialist Stormfront account, identifying himself as the author of a catalog of disturbing comments.


“Only”, an interesting word-choice to qualify his violent fantasy. Has he forgotten the traces he’s left in the dark corners of white nationalist, holocaust denying internet propaganda?

By calling for the deaths of race traitors, however hypothetical, and by forsaking the opportunity to denounce such a call, Angelo blatantly contradicts what’s expressed under the National Youth Front’s ‘About Us’ section: “a conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of all White people, including their nations and cultures across the globe.” All white people. Except European Jews, white LGBTs, white Leftists, and race traitors. Got it.

Propagandaminister Hunt, Angelo’s unhinged and aggressively conspiratorial host, whose elite education is evident only in his sanctimonious cadence, affirms and shares his murderous sentiment:

This was not Angelo’s “only” instance where he fantasized about committing violence.

On Stormfront under his NaturalSocialist account, Angelo fantasized about uppercutting a neighbor, a white woman, for dating a black man. In the same post he confessed to disowning his sister for dating an Indian, but lamented that if he treated his friends similarly, he wouldn’t have many left, “lol”.



On under falseprophet04, an account he later claimed, Angelo said, “I am all about this website and I believe in the Hitler Truth etc; I would love nothing more to make all nations like Germany was in the 1930’s, but are we not hurting our movement by condemning all Jews, when there are in fact “good” jews who expose the holocaust hoax: David cole and Norman finkelstein???…” (Do these Jew hating white nationalists know that Prof. Finkelstein’s parents were both survivors of the Holocaust? Obviously Not. Both survived the Warsaw Ghetto, his mother survived two slave labor camps and the Majdanek concentration camp, and his father survived Auschwitz. He can’t be bothered with their bullshit, and told me as much over email.)

In another post Angelo wrote, “I’m trying to understand if every single Jew knows whats going on in world Jewry because if that was the case, then they are complicit in such horrendous activities, and I would wouldn’t spare any of them from our uprising.”

Since becoming NYF chairman, Angelo has consistently denounced violence to the publications which interview him. He’s styled himself and his group as “ism-less” (?, k…white nationalism) ideologically free (?, k…that’s an ideological position, like apolitical) and “anti-supremacist”. These are words intended for posturing, confusion, and are totally lacking in substance – a poor attempt to conceal his enduring white supremacist attitudes. Now that he’s made a name for himself harassing black and anti-racist intellectuals, he knows he can’t be associated, at least publicly, with white supremacy or Nazism. Unfortunately for Angelo, he’s left a damning trace.

Someone who isn’t a violent misogynist wouldn’t have fantasized about attacking a woman for dating a black man, who think there’s something psychologically wrong with mothers of children of color, that they are “trash”. Someone who isn’t a white supremacist wouldn’t disown his sister for dating a man of color.

Someone who isn’t a white supremacist wouldn’t have claimed slavery benefited black people,

Someone who isn’t a white supremacist wouldn’t say apartheid wasn’t “that harsh” for black people,

or that the KKK was merely enacting “justice” on black criminals,

or that black people haven’t ever accomplished anything (uh, generating enormous wealth for American capitalists, building federal and state infrastructure, and colleges, is nothing?)

or that black people need to understand that there’s something wrong with them,

or that they should be grateful their ancestors endured slavery,

and that white America doesn’t owe them anything.

These crude ideas are white supremacist clichés, and hallmarks of a distorted, bereft humanity. He threatens the publications which accurately identify him with defamation, using the American Freedom Party’s William Johnson legal muscles for intimidation. But someone who truly isn’t a Nazi wouldn’t want to repackage “National Socialism” without swastikas and Hitler worship. That which we call a fascist, by any other name, would be just as abhorrent.

At least Angelo realized his intellect isn’t his strongest quality. Self-knowledge, Kant said, is the hardest kind to achieve. What hope Angelo had for self-knowledge was quickly deflated when, reflecting on his indoctrination to white nationalism, he failed to realize he was indoctrinated by intentionally fallacious, emotionally predatory, hyperbolic propaganda. So much for having the “truth” on their side.


48 thoughts on “Angelo John Gage Lies to Hide Past Violent Fantasies

  1. What I find most interesting is his bs claim of being an “Anti-Supremacist”. He very clearly feels that he and other Whites are superior to Blacks. He even expresses his skepticism that Blacks can sustain any type of advanced society.

    • It’s all posturing. Or he might be genuinely ambivalent or confused. He knows that white nationalism will never be taken seriously so long as klan robes are worn, swastikas are displayed, and Hitler is openly worshiped. Does he has any issue with those things on themselves? No. He’s trying to be strategic.

  2. Where did I lie to hide what? Both of you twist things for your little nazi-narrative. Jacob already covered everything you are saying now, most of which was said years ago when I was learning. You can clearly see by my question.

    So again, you commit a logical fallacy. Person A (X amount of years ago) is still the same (X amount of years later) but you only have things said years ago that do not apply today as your evidence.

    So please tell me where I lie when I made videos on my own youtube addressing these things lol

    • Your use of “only” was key. This was not the “only” time you fantasized about acts of violence, however hypothetical. Thus, this past Sunday, you lied.
      Certainly you haven’t let up on your antisemitism. Are we really to believe that your beliefs about people of color have changed? That you still don’t cling to and embrace white supremacist beliefs while bullying college newspapers and other publications with bullshit defamation suits for identifying accurately? That you aren’t engaged in a feeble attempt to mask your beliefs under a different name and banner?

      • Is quoting what Jews have said and continue to say anti-semitism. No one buys that word anymore, its dead, like racist.

        now one falls for your silly words anymore.. in all videos i posted these are jews saying it…now are they antisemites?

      • If whites can be antiwhite, what’s preventing Jews from harboring antisemitism?

        The critique of Zionism by Jews is not what you think it is. Amy and her guest would absolutely be critical of your attitudes. They categorically reject the baseless fictitious Protocols of the Elders of Zion worldview that you cling to. You white nationalists love to demolish nuance in favor of your hyper simplicity. Amy’s guest is talking about Israeli state propaganda. She is not talking about all Jews everywhere on the planet are lying. Again, revealing your true beliefs.

      • again, your OPINION of an interpretation. I never call for acts of violence other than the hanging of traitors. how many times do I have to tell you this. that is why i call you stupid lol. The punishment for treason has always been death. Treason is a crime found in the court of law, which implies justice, not random kiling of people for no reason. You guys are retarded.

      • I know self knowledge is really hard Angelo, but you fail to see how you were indoctrinated by emotionally predatory falsified fallacious bullshit written by an ailing drug addict. Nothing against drug addicts. But even Freud had to stop doing coke to produce his best work. And the man was more brilliant and will remain more relevant and Bob Whitaker will be relegated to the oblivion of forgotten nobodies. He was the only thing going for all of you. None of you will top him or produce propaganda that’s more effective.
        Insults are all you have because, and I’ll go out here on a limb, you aren’t convinced. You aren’t convinced about the politics you’ve adopted. If you were you wouldn’t have phrased that question to me, “what’s your goal, to convert me?” You’re a racist and an antisemite but I don’t think you’re convinced about white nationalism. None of you have thought it through. Because you know perhaps on a subconscious level, that without hyperbole, without its appeals to emotion, there would be nothing. You haven’t the faintest idea of what real organizing (politics) is like. You haven’t the faintest idea of what it means to build and take power. Let alone run a state and a sustaining economy. So you get your patch of land. What then? It’s all gonna magically fall into place? And I’m a troll. Please look in the mirror. You harass black and antiracist intellectuals for a living. Then you harass the newspapers for accurately reporting.

      • That’s a lie. Your response was to a quote about what will be done to race traitors AFTER you’ve won your war or whatever. So you’ll already have defeated “the Jews”.

        Secondly you said on that you wouldn’t spare any of the Jews of they all somehow were in the on the “conspiracy” (kinda interesting how the mere existence of Jewish capitalists is offensive to y’all)

        And you said on the same website that you would “love nothing more” than to make every nation like 1930s Germany. Because that was a really peaceful situation.

      • Agian, WHO are the race traitors, if you know that I’m referring to Mr. Psychic. YOU LIE because you assume who I’m talking about. I STILL sauy we need to destroy the Jew’s power hold over there world, there’s no hiding there, but tha tdoesn’t mean destroy the jewish people. You call me a holocaust denier but then you say im going to holocaust the jewish people when i say defeat the jewss? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO youre an idiot bro.

      • PS i love how totally ignore the jewish source i posted here because you cannot refute them LMAO. you are a joke man.

  3. PS. you two really need to get a life. Its very creepy you are both obsessed with me that you spend HOURS of your life to dig up things I’d admit to this day.

    • Please. You have enough issues. I’m not the one trying to convince the world I’m something I’m not. Politically, not sexually. I’m not the one posting your address online and insisting you’re gay. Obsess is a bit strong, but y’all are seduced by hyperbole, after all, so it makes sense you would subsequently become talented in it. I admit, I’m interested in your political development and how you were radicalized to white nationalism. But obsessed? I’m obsessed with Nietzsche, Marx, Plato, Sophocles. I’m not obsessed with you. Don’t flatter yourself.

      • of course you’re obsessed with marx. lol. Again, I have nothing to hide. So keep going. What I don’t like is how you twist things and make assumptions. I’m telling you what I’ve said and what I meant, but you dont’ care to believe me, so what’s the point. You’re the enemy anyway, so you’re going to do what you do no matter what.

      • yea you see, I gave a troll like Lewka Peel the benefit out the doubt even after I was warned. We spoke on skype and i explained everything. Then he got butt-hurt after I repeated the SAME THING i’ve said to him on our own calls, and went beserk, posting my home and other things like a piece of shit that he his. Like you, he twisted things and is disingenous, only posting parts of the calls and things that fits his narrative.

        He’s a low IQ moron and its my fault I ever trusted him. See im not afraid to talk to trolls, but i never expected him to go that low.

        And you going to school, especially ones that are dominated by “progressive thought’ only makes you an expert in communist thought. you’ve been brainwashed and don’t even realize it. All of your arguments are not based on fact, but on assumptions and fallacies.

        I’ve contradicted you so many times you don’t’ even realize it, that’s why I call you stupid. All that college money was wasted.

      • I’m no expert in communism but ok. I can understand why from you’re point of view any institution which isn’t totally hostile to Jews would be communist.

  4. Oh and I love you take the example of “uppercutting” some sense into her and twisting it to actualy mean i meant i really wanted to hit her LOL. That sentence is no different than “shaking” some sense into her. In fact, your gay asses would think even looking at her wrong would be violent lol. What I wrote was describing how I felt, like getting cut off in traffic and getting mad…In no way was it an option to take action, but an expression of how I felt when I saw a woman who had no clue of what the consequences of miscegenation were. Then I follow up saying I’d want to teach her because she doesn’t know, but she’s probably never going to listen anyway, now would she? So on one hand your claiming I want to beat her to death in some sick fantasy (lie), but then I say I want to save her, but you ignore that compassion because its not evil… But you see, you trolls are reaching to fit your silly narratives. I’ve never laid a hand on a woman in my life, nor would it. Nice try though.

    As for traitors, they always should hang. I repeat, all traitors should hang. I’ll say it 1000x. The question is WHO are these traitors? You assume its innocent people who have done nothing wrong and don’t believe what I do. But that’s not what I mean by traitors. But you go ahead and assume is everyone who is not pro-white, but then you post a clip of me saying i want blacks to succeed in their own ethnostate LOL. You’re such idiots its not even funny.

    As for Jews, LGBT and ‘race-traitors’ none of them of pro-white and are actually working hard to destroy our nations and cultures, that is why NYF is not for them. JEws have 10000 groups they can join, as do gays and lesbians.

    You folks are disingenuous trolls and nothing more. Probably both paid or seriously obsessed. Either way its creepy and you should go get a hobby instead of stalking me.

    • Compassion? Angelo. Take a breath.
      A fantasy is not a plan. I didn’t say you were planning on attacking her.
      Uh. No Ang. I know what a traitor is from your point of view.
      It’s pretty clear you were talking about race traitors. Speaking of which, would you hang your own sister?
      You think you’re being humane by wanting apartheid? You think you’re being truthful when you say that there’s something wrong with black people, that they aren’t on the same level as you, that they haven’t achieved or done anything, like 31.5 decades of slavery was some kind of vacation? That white people “built” the US? And you expected the black community to take you seriously.

      • no silly i wouldn’t hang my own sister nor any “race-traitors” who practice miscegenation because they dont care to be part of our race in the first place. They never considered themselves loyal to ours so how can they a race traitor?

        in regards to blacks, what have I said that is false. I learned most of the truth FROM blacks but I guess thats racist of me to quote blacks now is it?

      • see again, u do not refute whta i post, you just continue your attack on me because you cannot refute me, you lose EVERYTIME and keep going.

        I cannot take you seriously.

        Youre just as stupid as Lewka Peel.

    • “As for traitors, they always should hang. I repeat, all traitors should hang. I’ll say it 1000x. The question is WHO are these traitors? You assume its innocent people who have done nothing wrong and don’t believe what I do. But that’s not what I mean by traitors.”

      Kyle, I wonder if you and I are traitors? I’d bet that we’d be the first to swing! I’ll guarantee you that Steven Spielberg is, because he’s part of the Jewish owned media conspiracy. Remember, innocent people won’t be put to death, only guilty ones, and Steven Spielberg is part of the vast Jewish conspiracy to control the media to influence and cause the submission of the Goys. LOL!!! It’s shape-shifting lizard people who are really pulling the strings. Jade Helm 15, Chemtrails, Sandy Hook crisis actors, it’s all part of the conspiracy too.

      • When everything is an illusion, when our own eyes can’t be trusted, how can they still make this claim to science, to reason, to knowledge? It’s astounding to me. Granted they are not responsible for their alienation. However they are responsible for wanting to be even more alienated than we already are. They think more alienation will make them less alienated. They think harassment and the production of shallow propaganda is organizing? That endlessly repeating something is convincing? Very sad.

      • No Jacob, either you are Kyle are “race-traitors” because you are not on our team to begin with. That would be no different than claiming I am on your team and saying I betrayed you.

        No one wants to hurt you for making anonymous blogs and twisting things. You have a right to go ahead and lie all you want and paint a picture of me. There is nothing I can do to stop you, nor anything you said would I deny on television in an interview.

        You think my new “game’ is to pretend I’m not a nazi or something. I never was a nazi or a fascist, and still am nothing. I don’t need to adhere to a political ideology to stand up against hypocrisy and anti-white bigotry. Like an agnostic, i don’t need to believe or disbelieve in god similar to how I my positions do politically. I have been in this “movements” for 3 years and have read tons of book and analyzed this situation. I have learned many things; especially the flaws in the WN movement that I do not adhere to.

        But you insist YOU know everything due to comments I’ve made 2 years ago. Comments I’m not even denying right now. Comments I’ve explained to everyone here reading, but you choose not to believe my explanations. That’s fine. I don’t expect you to nor do I care. What I care is that I have to defend my position from people like yourselves who libel me without hard evidence, just assumptions and conclusion in your mind. But your job is to paint a picture of me no matter what I say, that is why you disingenuously only use sound bites instead of posting the ENTIRE interview for all to hear the context of which I’m speaking.

        Your arguments also come from a position that “no one can change” yet the SPLC has no qualms sending “ex-nazis” on tour explaining how they work up and are not “anti-racist.” Why aren’t you doubting them, should you follow your same logic, they too must still be secret nazis only lying that they have changed so they can get paid by the SPLC.

        So what do you folks really do. You come after me, a law abiding citizen, two time war veteran, who hasn’t hurt a fly nor has a criminal record, while you have pedophiles in power in government, black panthers who want to kill people, la raza who openly states they want to destroy the gringo, jewish terrorists shooting up mosques, Muslims shooting marines, and psychopath white people shooting up churches… yet you focus on me for just speaking? Am I really that much of a “threat” to you? Seriously lol? Your’e obsessed me for what reason really?

        I was just like you once. I used to believe in the egalitarian one-world lets hold hands nonsense until the facts came out and taught me otherwise. I fought for this country I did what I had to do for freedom, only to come home and find out our government is run by communists in disguise.

        Ill say it once and I’ll say it again, whatever I said in my past is my past, and there was nothing eevn “evil” or unfactual of what I stated. I love how you just say its “wrong and evil” but actually don’t refute my comments at all. You just keep name calling and name calling. That’s how you communists “win” arguments, but your tactics are failing and more people are waking up daily.

        LIke I said, you folks are wasting your time on me, but that is what you are paid to do so whatever. You have the choice to continue “digging” things up as if I’m hiding them lol. I make videos about them myself, so what exactly are you trying to accomplish.

        I know, to data-mine and have this available so you can send this stuff to news reporters once my organization gets big. I get it. That is what you guys do, and that’s fine. But painting me with libel is disingenuous. Everything you wrote here are opinions based on fallacies such as guilty by association, and false equivalence.

        I have never once claimed I was a nazi, not even back on storm front. IN fact, I do not identity with any ISMs because I’m not stupid enough to believe old governments can fix today’s world in the first place. Going back in time and trying to be a nazi is just as stupid as going back in time and trying to be a Spartan.

        When I speak of “Nazi Germany,” no one can argue that it was not the most advanced and peaceful nation on EARTH before the war. It was debt free and the German people experienced the highest standard of living ON EARTH. Even Michael Savage (Weiner a jew) admits this. JEws however did not and were deported in camps, mostly because they were communists trying to subvert Germany. This is known fact. Are you going to deny the fact that Jews created communism even when prominent figures like Churchill, Marx (marx son of a rabbi), and Rabbi Steven Wise has said the same thing, or are they too, all anti-Semites?

        I dont run around making blogs about you and stalking your pages. You guys need to get a life. But I am happy at least you follow the rules and leave family and my address out, unlike the scumbag lewka peel.

        In the end folks, We simply believe in two different worldviews and should be separated from each other. It doesn’t matter what you believe or what I believe, the facts are, we are not compatible. So separation is the only peaceful solution, but you supremacists do not wish this. You insist that YOU are morally superior (an opinion) and that we MUST do what you say, so you bring this war to us and deny us our right to disassociate from your failed diversity experiment. In other words you are the aggressors. I mean, wouldn’t you love to ship all of us “evil nazis” far far away from you guys? Wouldn’t it be great if we all got out of your hair? Yet all you do is chase us everywhere we go and demand we live in your world! All you do is stalk us and try to “expose” us even when we openly state things in public lol.

        So as much of a drama queen you folks try to make yourselves out to be, no one wants to hurt you. And as for race-traitors, let me clarify who they are:

        Traitors are people who betray their country and their people: most of our politicians are traitors to the United States, they should be tried for treason and executed. Race-traitors are people who infiltrate our community and try to sabotage our movement to gain autonomy from your failed diversity experiment; these people are complicit in aiding and abiding those who are committing the international crime of “white genocide” against our people, which violates the Geneva conventions. Once these people are found guilty in assisting this program of genocide, they will be found guilty in a court of law and executed.

        So please top pretending I’m referring to normal people or jews or whoever, who are not actively trying to destroy my people. Treason is a charge found in the court of law. You are acting like I want to murder people like some psycho. This is libel again.

        Never have I ever said i want to harm anyone of any other race. Again, you disingenuously even not post the parts of my interviews where I say I have no problem with Jews who are not trying to destroy us; in fact, that I have friends of all races, including some Jewish friends who even agree with my politics, even blacks as well.

        You leave out all things that would negate your theories and your nazi-narrative, just like stupid lewka peel doesn’t realize his whole presentation debunks its lol. He calls me a nazi yet I have pictures with non-white friends. He calls me gay, when I’m at Halloween costume parties and I have a fiance with a child. He takes 5 year old pictures when I used to be a party guy who I no longer am and claims that’s who I am today, similar to how you liars take old posts from Storm Front and claim that’s who i am today. You’re all just a stupid as him

      • Phew, that’s a lot. Ok.

        I’m not sure how I’m painting a picture, I’m just presenting what you’ve said which contradict other statements you’ve made.

        If our government was communist Wall St, it’s bank roller, wouldn’t exist. A truly communist government would abolish Wall St. The government doesn’t control Wall St. Wall St controls the government. This is why those responsible for the 2008 crash are still free. Obama and his successor wouldn’t be employable after their terms are over if they attacked wall st. and prosecuted those criminals.

        I have never once insulted you when attacking your arguments. The tactics you’ve described as of your “enemies” can all be attributed with evidence to you. You call people names incessantly.

        Yeah that Lewca, Yusuf person is pathetic. No one needs their shit put up online. I’m not as dumb as him. He didn’t make any argument. He also seems pretty insecure with his masculinity.

        Being apolitical is an ideological position. There is no outside of ideology. You can’t be working towards white nationalism and not be a white nationalist.

      • Anyway, Jacob and Kyle, despite being my enemies, I will wish you both fare well. I doubt you folks will ever stop trolling me since that is what you will do, and that’s fine, but at least do a better job at it and stop reaching to fill a narrative

        If I were you, I’d focus more on the real dangerous types found in the WN who want RAHOWA and all that insanity, who wish the turner diaries came true and only think a race-war will save our people. These are the psychos you need to focus on, but you know those folks are useless idiots. You know that men like me, who have a peaceful message are the true threat to your communist matrix of lies and that’s why you are paid by the SPLC to paint me to be an evil nazi who wants to gas everyone and silence me.

        Well I won’t be silenced, no matter what you two dig up and no matter how much trolling you achieve.

        I cannot be bought, I am not afraid to die, and I have the truth on my side.

        This time is farewell for good.

        Take care.


      • I wish I was paid to write, let alone for the splc. Wouldn’t we have put it up on their blog? Whatever.

        White nationalism isn’t peaceful. The only ideology I think that is inherently peaceful is pacifism.

        I’d welcome any tips you might have who you think should be exposed. Of course, you should probably forward that information to the police first. Like those kids around Dylann Roof should have.

        There are many truths Angelo. Be wary of those that come easy and are found only on the Internet. I don’t consider you an enemy, just terribly misguided.

  5. whats pathetic is you bring my sister in this conversation. What does my sister have to do with it. You only have part of the story with her. Yes I do not like that she is blending out our family’s lineage, but do you think she likes ME for my views now too? Again, only ONE side of the story. She doesnt’ talk to me either, but you only make it seems like Mr. Evil Nazi disowns sister when shes trying to call me every day and still loves me. Families break apart for dumber reason. Some families dont’ talk because of money issues, drug habits and things that can be solved and reversed. you cannot reverse miscegination ever.. its permanent. Again, you troll will stoop to any level, even personal once to get your nazi narrative out, and that is why you are pathetic.

    • You brought your sister into the conversation by posting your business all over the Internet. I’m sure she’s really concerned about your well being considered the cast of characters you now associate with.

      • I did because it was a personal experience. if i was a “secret nazi” and a liar, i would have never mentioned her ever and kept it hidden.. this is why i dont think you’re too bright.

      • LOL coming from the man who recognizes he isn’t a thinker.

        So I take it that you’ve abandoned rebranding National Socialism? Doubtful.
        I’ve been trained to think. I’ve been trained to research and read and write carefully. I don’t do it all the time, it takes consistent effort. These aren’t skills that are absorbed by osmosis. By your own admission your military training was not about thinking.
        I am very blessed to – in a twisted way – to have been able to go to school. Twisted because it’s fucking expensive. I can’t help but think if you’d gone to school after your service that you would’ve become a more careful thinker. Because it’s clear you have a desire to know. It’s just you’ve been enveloped by something which isn’t knowledge. It’s ruining your mind. Look at Hunt. Went to a school with a lower admission rate than Yale and the dude spends his free time staring into the sun and worrying about chemtrails. All of your intellectuals are stuck in the nineteenth century. For the record, I love the nineteenth century. But everyone else has abandoned the pseudo-science on race. Apparently JTaylor and KMac haven’t received that memo.

      • what makes her my sister… blood right? what makes her family blood right? What is she doing to our blood line? mixing it away and destroying her own race… not the kind of sister I want. people disown their family over money, which can be replaced…you cannot reverse miscegenation, can you kyle? Why would i support someone who hold a totally different world view than me. That would be as stupid and me and you being friends lol. I learned to let her go. I wish no harm to her or anyone else.

        My “anger” that I used to have when I first woke up is gone. That’s what happens to most of these people, but some of them never get over the anger phase and turn into these extremists. Ive accepted the reality that all people who do not agree must be separated and that solves everything. I matured my views and you disingenuous trolls only go back and time and do not quote me in what i say today.

        That is no different than me going back in time and say “oh kyle believed in Santa clause once, so hes lying today when he says he doesn’t…”

        but that is what you’re paid to do.

        All you need to know is that i do not wish harm on any rae or people, i just wanna get my peopl the hell out of this mess in one piece. Its you SUPREMACISTS that chase us down and do not think we are allowed to leave your failed marxist utopia.. you are the supremacists and communists trying to control.. we want to be left alone. We dont’ care what you believe, we dont’ care what you want and we dont’ want to live around you, and that is when i came up with the anti-supremacist concept because that is TRULY the solution and what i believe is the way out, after analyzin the WN movevment and all these idiots, most of which who hate me btw, because I dont’ buy into their nonsense.

        But go ahead and keep telling your audience im hiding when Im here opening explaining everything to you lol

      • Is blood really what makes her your sister? Sure you both share genetic information, but don’t you think growing up with her is a bit more important than genes? I think it’s the idea of blood which is important to you and not the “blood” itself.
        And a year ago you said black people have more teeth than the rest of us.
        The concept of a race traitor only makes sense in a context defined by supremacy.

      • Africans have bigger jaws then the rest of the races; therefore they have more teeth in the sense that they are not removed by surgery like Caucasians and Asians are, due to our smaller jaws than the African race. It is my mistake i didn’t get into the details more deeply. Philip D Rushton goes into this in depth. There are many differences between the races and you folks still lie and say we are all equal lol. Its insane. Again, you commit a fallacy that one mistake or misunderstanding negates all other facts i’ve said Typical technique of communists. No different than taking things I’ve said out of context and twisting it to fit your evil narrative. How can we take you seriously when you people say “oh look you misspelled a word on twitter, therefore your entire stance is false lol”

      • I misspell things all the time. You however cannot keep your shit straight. No pun intended. All these physical differences you keep talking about hold no water. There’s something called a scientific consensus. And nobodies with self-published books are probably the least credible. But we know, everything and everyone is out to get you, especially scientists and academic publishers.

  6. why would i support someone who active destroy the lineage of my family? that is pathetic

  7. Anyway I’m done here. Everytime I give you a chance to prove your self you fail.

    Have fun obsessing over me with your blog lol


  8. When initially I found your blod I thought you were merely being critical of idiots in the race hustler racket. But now that I have read more of your blog, I get the impression that you are a Marxist. Is that so? And also, do you realize that the government of Poland has just outlawed and banned all public display of Marxist and soviet symbols? In Poland it is now a criminal offense to fly the hammer and sickle or to wear a Che Guevarra t-shirt. The Polish government has ruled that Marxism and Sovietism are bloody, genocidal ideologies and that display of those Marxist symbols is more or less incitement to genocide. For the Marxists to keep whining about “evil Nazis” is pure crocodile tears. Lenin, Trotsky, Stahlin and crew made Hitler look like an amateur when it came to bloodshed. They killed more than ten times as many enemies as the German war machine killed. If you are a Marxist YOU DO SUPPORT GENOCIDE and all your criticism of the Germans is hypocritical blather. If you claim to be Marxist or apologize for Marxism in any way you support an ideology of Soviet mass murder that makes the Holocaust Narrative look unremarkable in comparison.

    • First of all an ideology is different from the actions done in the name of that ideology. There is nothing Marxist about genocide. I also do not exonerate nor apologize for the crimes done by so called Marxist regimes or the Soviet Union. I am not interested in weighing atrocities against other atrocities. I am also not interested in downplaying Nazism, which nearly destroyed Poland. Nor am I interested in the moralizing of the polish government or their restriction of free speech. I do not primarily criticize white nationalism from a Marxist point of view but that is a frame I use in my criticism.

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