Angelo John Gage, Certified Genius, Expert Political Analyst

Oh, Angelo. Do you know not what you do? Or remember what you’ve said?

The father-to-be (reportedly on disability?) uploaded a fifteen minute YouTube vlog on a question I had asked. Did he answer? Of course not. That’s not what “neuro-linguistic programming” is about (the ancients called it “sophistry”). It’s about manipulation. Why anyone would trust someone who’s trained to manipulate is beyond me. Admittedly I haven’t watched his post, yet.

Perhaps Angelo’s forgotten past statements where he said he “didn’t see the combat his friends saw”. It’s in this post he claims to have “gay friends…you wouldn’t even be able to tell were gay…who are fed up with gay marriage being shoved down our throats”. Interesting choice of metaphor.

Given that the inversion of reality, the overuse of hyperbole, and the creation of paranoid fantasies are the only things white nationalists can do, it’s unsurprising Angelo is twisting my question, or questions. First, I asked him how could he have PTSD in light of his previous statements about being behind the scenes as a “combat engineer” who primarily blew up IEDs. Second, I asked him if backtracking and bending the truth about his exposure to battle constituted “stolen valor”. Truthfully I am not sure, that’s what I asked. I never insinuated or stated that he hasn’t served. Now, why would he be lying about me saying that? It’s not like he has a history of lying, or scheming dishonorable and illegal ways to silence his critics, or anything.

Did his brothers in arms cut ties with him upon his descent into the den of vipers that is white nationalism?

AJG_ISISIn hindsight, I don’t know why I was fishing for truth in an opaque, game-less reservoir of deception. It’s not like Angelo has any idea what the fuck is going on. This is a person who refuses to apologize. Antisocial much? This is a person who thinks his imperial Roman and North African ancestors didn’t reproduce with those they conquered. Well how the fuck else would genetic ancestry be traceable? Did they sprinkle their DNA in the sand for posterity?  He can’t even accept the reality of his behavior when it comes to Iraq. Take, for example, his comments of the genesis of the Islamic State. It takes a truly uninformed citizen, one who participated in the overthrow of Ba’athist Iraq, to subscribe the idea that Israel, the object of white nationalist envy, created the Islamic State. Such is the unparalleled genius of New Jersey’s most nefarious white nationalist.


2 thoughts on “Angelo John Gage, Certified Genius, Expert Political Analyst

  1. The only post on my wp blog demonstrates how to corner these pretenders using their own words. Follow my technique carefully. The con artist’s biggest weakness is his arrogant assumption that he is smarter than the marks. You might enjoy. They make baseless statements with no evidence whatsoever. Pick any incendiary statement, demand the evidence, and watch them try to change the subject. It’s unwholesome entertainment. Have a look.

    • Thank you I’ll check it out. My humanities training has taught me to follow arguments very carefully. Unfortunately for those who are drawn into the white nationalist community, they often don’t have resources to pursue higher education. Or, when they do, they are just as ignorant, OR they feign ignorance to coddle their listeners. For example, and this I plan to write about soon enough, there is a graduate of Amherst college who’s well known on the white nationalist scene, who thinks science should study “the divine” and that the earth might be flat because “globalists” want us the think the earth is a globe. The best liberal arts college in the country, in the world, and this is how he turns out? A fucking moron? What a joke.

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