I love you, miserable heteros

I love you even though you miss the former tiers of citizenship based on sexuality. But really, dear and miserable heteros, you ought to ask yourselves, what does it give you? Subordinating others and sending them to hell? Is your privilege so important to you that you need to extend it into the afterlife?

Are the “laws” of a genocidal, warmongering, and misogynist deity really that moral or trustworthy (I know you’re going to bring up Gen 19)? I don’t need to remind you, pious and miserable heteros, that Lot almost prostituted his daughters. Then they date-raped him because apparently his semen was that important.

You’ll see. You’ll see that by investing so much in the myth of your privileged unions and identity that you were actually compromising your humanity. There’s no love, no humanity, in keeping others subordinate and sending them to hell.

Welcome to the twenty first century, where, in the U.S., we are that much closer to equality. We still have so much work to do.


Gavin McInnes, Self-Appointed Representative of Mentally Ill Trans Folks

gavin-mcinnesPerfect example of a dehumanizing trans-misogynist masquerading as free speech advocate: Gavin McInnes. Us queers who fight for our humanity know that speech isn’t free.

Leave it to the straight white male Vice co-founder to appoint himself as enlightened representative of mentally ill LGTBs and trans folks. Then, when shit hits the fan and people call foul, use the free speech defense. Yes Gavin, you are free to be a patriarchal dick.

Last time I checked gender identity is not the source of mental illness. Last time I listened to trans folks who’ve transitioned, living in the wrong body is one of the most uncomfortable, for lack of a better word, experiences one can go through.

How is Gavin qualified to dispense his unsolicited psycho-sexual pathologies? Is he a psychiatrist? Is he a psychiatrist who works with trans folks? Has he ever had a conversation with a trans person? No, probably not, and probably not.

‘But my family is being threatened.’ Boo fucking hoo. Your words were dehumanizing. Like your wealthy white straight male ass will get a scratch. You know the NYPD is basically the white bourgeoisie’s bodyguard. You know in all likelihood nothing is going to happen to you or your family. I don’t endorse threatening peoples lives, but did you, Gavin, ever consider how queer lives, trans lives, queer and trans lives of color, are routinely threatened? Routinely dehumanized? Routinely killed? And you don’t expect us to retaliate with the same hostility we’re routinely faced with? Get real. Meanwhile I’ll be drinking your patriarchal tears and fears boyfriend.

Marina Abramovic thinks slaver Columbus was an artist

Business Art. Free Market Art. Feudalism Art. Slave Society Art. Slave Society Fart.

Marina Abramovic likens Columbus’ discovery of the Americas, who enslaved the idigenous he didn’t commit genocide upon, to a form of art.

Yes Marina. This employee of absolutist ethnic cleansing tyrants was most certainly an artist.

Did I mention she’s looking for unpaid interns??