White Nationalist Angelo John Gage Is Creating an “App” to “Permamently Spam” His Critics Off Twitter

Angelo John Gage, professional hypnotist? life-coach? and fellow resident of New Jersey, is the leader of the National Youth Front, whose parent organization is the white nationalist American Freedom Party, which in 2009, was founded by skinheads in California.

Angelo and I have a charming back and forth. When he chooses to unblock me on Twitter, his rebuttals of my criticisms reveal the depth of his intellect, with such thought-provoking and insightful comments like, “you’re stupid”, “you’re a moron”, “can you even read?”, “you’re too dumb to talk to”, or my personal favorite, “you’re a diversity-supremacist”. Diversity supremacist? Yeah, because the alternative, apartheid, is a really humanitarian situation…Lord, I am lucky to have qualified for the loans to further my education. Then again, once upon a time Brown graduated George Lincoln Rockwell. And more recently, Amherst College produced the aggressively conspiratorial, gazing-into-the-suns-damaging-rays, chem-trail fearing, Kyle Hunt, on whose radio show the Solar Storm (SS…get it?) Angelo has appeared several times.

For the record I’ve never used such language when attacking Angelo’s arguments. I’ve actually told him I admire him more than his flaccid propagandist e-pals because at least his getting his hands dirty…directing his subordinates in Arizona and Boston…via the internet, from New Jersey. Maybe I don’t admire him?

Angelo is best known for the campaigns of harassment against professors Lee Bebout of Arizona State University and Saida Grundy of Boston University, who teach skills Angelo would benefit from, like reading, researching, and critically thinking about race, whiteness, and white supremacy. Myself, I suggested a book to Angelo that I’m loving, Nell Irvin Painter’s “The History of White People”. You’d think a white nationalist would be interested in the history of their beloved and supreme deity, their transcendental signifier, their whiteness. Angelo didn’t seem too interested.

Angelo’s campaign against Bebout got a tad messy when Bebout received a cryptic hate-note suggesting he should be murdered. Whoops. I thought they loved white people? I guess white nationalists don’t have the MLKjr relentlessly love your enemy type love in mind.

Angelo denies members of his group wrote the note, but where there’s smoke around anti-racist education and black sanctuaries, there’s usually a disgruntled white nationalist agitator/arsonist, who, when not setting fires, is aggressively tweeting about #whitegeNOcide and how anyone who doesn’t endorse a white apartheid state is #antiwhite!

The campaign against Grundy is being investigated by Boston University Police.

Angelo has threatened to sue several media outlets for “defaming” and “libeling” him and his organization by identifying them as “white supremacists” and “neo-Nazis” ; a quick gander over his twitter feed shows hardly a difference between Angelo’s self-styled “anti supremacy” and the anti-black, anti-Semitic vitriol fascists are known for. Are Angelo and Ann Coulter aware the USSR no longer exists? Ah, well…

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 9.51.36 PMStooping to a new low, Angelo thoughtlessly divulged his latest plan to “permanently spam” those who disagree with him from Twitter. He’s since deleted his lapse in judgement, but I was there to grab a screenshot. Oh, and flag the tweets before he deleted them.

The second tweet in the series is a response to @TheRightBiz, warning him “not to give it away.” Too late.

Is the “app” multi-platform? Does he think the folks at Twitter will appreciate his abusing their service to silence his critics? Do people with solid, convincing, well-reasoned arguments, or a shred moral integrity behave this way? Should I and all those included on his block-list jointly sue him for defaming and libeling us as “anti white”? And how the fuck can white person, in the European settler colony which birthed whiteness, be anti-white?

Angelo really could’ve benefited from taking Lee’s class. If you’re reading Angelo, I’ll list the texts you won’t bother to read, because you mentioned you lost the syllabus.

“The Possessive Investment in Whiteness” by George Lipsitz
“Critical Race Theory: An Introduction” by Richard Delgado
“The Everyday Language of White Racism” by Jane H. Hill
“Playing in the Dark” by Toni Morrison
“The Alchemy of Race and Rights” by Patricia J. Williams