Angelo John Gage Lies to Hide Past Violent Fantasies

This past Sunday on Kyle Hunt’s weekly podcast, Angelo John Gage, chairman of the National Youth Front, admitted to calling for the execution of race traitors. By making this admission, Angelo publicly claimed ownership of his NaturalSocialist Stormfront account, identifying himself as the author of a catalog of disturbing comments.


“Only”, an interesting word-choice to qualify his violent fantasy. Has he forgotten the traces he’s left in the dark corners of white nationalist, holocaust denying internet propaganda?

By calling for the deaths of race traitors, however hypothetical, and by forsaking the opportunity to denounce such a call, Angelo blatantly contradicts what’s expressed under the National Youth Front’s ‘About Us’ section: “a conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of all White people, including their nations and cultures across the globe.” All white people. Except European Jews, white LGBTs, white Leftists, and race traitors. Got it.

Propagandaminister Hunt, Angelo’s unhinged and aggressively conspiratorial host, whose elite education is evident only in his sanctimonious cadence, affirms and shares his murderous sentiment:

This was not Angelo’s “only” instance where he fantasized about committing violence.

On Stormfront under his NaturalSocialist account, Angelo fantasized about uppercutting a neighbor, a white woman, for dating a black man. In the same post he confessed to disowning his sister for dating an Indian, but lamented that if he treated his friends similarly, he wouldn’t have many left, “lol”.



On under falseprophet04, an account he later claimed, Angelo said, “I am all about this website and I believe in the Hitler Truth etc; I would love nothing more to make all nations like Germany was in the 1930’s, but are we not hurting our movement by condemning all Jews, when there are in fact “good” jews who expose the holocaust hoax: David cole and Norman finkelstein???…” (Do these Jew hating white nationalists know that Prof. Finkelstein’s parents were both survivors of the Holocaust? Obviously Not. Both survived the Warsaw Ghetto, his mother survived two slave labor camps and the Majdanek concentration camp, and his father survived Auschwitz. He can’t be bothered with their bullshit, and told me as much over email.)

In another post Angelo wrote, “I’m trying to understand if every single Jew knows whats going on in world Jewry because if that was the case, then they are complicit in such horrendous activities, and I would wouldn’t spare any of them from our uprising.”

Since becoming NYF chairman, Angelo has consistently denounced violence to the publications which interview him. He’s styled himself and his group as “ism-less” (?, k…white nationalism) ideologically free (?, k…that’s an ideological position, like apolitical) and “anti-supremacist”. These are words intended for posturing, confusion, and are totally lacking in substance – a poor attempt to conceal his enduring white supremacist attitudes. Now that he’s made a name for himself harassing black and anti-racist intellectuals, he knows he can’t be associated, at least publicly, with white supremacy or Nazism. Unfortunately for Angelo, he’s left a damning trace.

Someone who isn’t a violent misogynist wouldn’t have fantasized about attacking a woman for dating a black man, who think there’s something psychologically wrong with mothers of children of color, that they are “trash”. Someone who isn’t a white supremacist wouldn’t disown his sister for dating a man of color.

Someone who isn’t a white supremacist wouldn’t have claimed slavery benefited black people,

Someone who isn’t a white supremacist wouldn’t say apartheid wasn’t “that harsh” for black people,

or that the KKK was merely enacting “justice” on black criminals,

or that black people haven’t ever accomplished anything (uh, generating enormous wealth for American capitalists, building federal and state infrastructure, and colleges, is nothing?)

or that black people need to understand that there’s something wrong with them,

or that they should be grateful their ancestors endured slavery,

and that white America doesn’t owe them anything.

These crude ideas are white supremacist clichés, and hallmarks of a distorted, bereft humanity. He threatens the publications which accurately identify him with defamation, using the American Freedom Party’s William Johnson legal muscles for intimidation. But someone who truly isn’t a Nazi wouldn’t want to repackage “National Socialism” without swastikas and Hitler worship. That which we call a fascist, by any other name, would be just as abhorrent.

At least Angelo realized his intellect isn’t his strongest quality. Self-knowledge, Kant said, is the hardest kind to achieve. What hope Angelo had for self-knowledge was quickly deflated when, reflecting on his indoctrination to white nationalism, he failed to realize he was indoctrinated by intentionally fallacious, emotionally predatory, hyperbolic propaganda. So much for having the “truth” on their side.


Arendt on Fanon

I’ve tried to find more on “spontaneity” in Arendt and Fanon. I’ve ultimately found more of her criticisms on Fanon’s necessary violence. This quote is from an essay I’m using.

  • “Her reading of Fanon is frequently qualified by a tendency to accuse other members ofthe existentialist tradition with which she identifies Fanon, as being more extreme than Fanon himself.” (Arendt contra Fanon)

But her idea of freedom and action are oppositional to Fanon’s. In fact, they converge at points in interesting ways. Take for example her quote from On Violence:

What makes a man a political being is his faculty of action; it enables him to get together with his peers, to act in concert, and to reach out for goals and enterprises that would never enter his mind, let alone the desires ofhis heart, had he not been given this gift — to embark on something new.Philosophically speaking, to act is the human answer to the condition of natality (142).

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